Digital Paper Revolution

The Humble Indie Bundle Returns

Last time around, I jumped at the opportunity to get the Humble Indie Bundle. This time, I took a moment to consider what I was getting. And then I remembered: this isn't about getting.


I have apparently hit the ceiling. I have, for the past few years, been slowly working on a custom framework off of which to build my sites. Something that jived with how I like to work. Something that would feel natural to me. It turns out all that work just came crashing down.

SWF Scaling and Content Alignment

I want the past two hours of my life back. Real quick, it turns out that in AS3, fscommand("allowscale", "false") messes with the

Stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;

The Mameshiba Tactic and The Brand of Love

I just realized how similar webcomics and the Mameshiba brand are. It came to me as I noticed that Octopus Pie is under a CC (By-NC-SA) license. I wondered how Meredith Gran made any money off of the comic, or how any webcomic artist made money. And then I realized that they're all Mameshibas.

Adobe, We Need to Talk

I recently noticed that Adobe has updated its Flex SDK to version 4. Great, right? Turns out, we lost some features that I rather enjoyed. Like SVG embedding.

The Netbook Suite

I own a netbook, and have had it for about nine months now. I figured it was time to give my impressions of it, and maybe a little explanation of what I do on it, and how.

AS3: Singleton

I don't think this trick is all that special, but I've been told I should put it on the internets. ActionScript does not allow for private constructor functions, thereby preventing a pure implementation of the Singleton pattern. This is my way around it:

AS3: References by Interface aren't Objects?

It turns out when you typecast an object as the interface it implements, you lose the fact that it's an object. What up, team ActionScript?

AS3: Dynamic Instantiation

I know this trick is well documented already, but I figure the more it's out there, the easier it is to find.

The LG Saga Continues

This is seriously no way to run a business.